General conditions

- the HOST is the owner of suitable rights to lease the furnished real estate unit
• located in Contrada Manostalla SNC, 90047 Partinico (PA)
• consisting of 3.5 rooms, Map sheet 44, parcel no. 677
• registered in the Palermo land registry
• energy certification n. 468394 of 28/07/2020 energy class A4 ("ACCOMMODATION")

- the GUEST has viewed
the images relating to the ACCOMMODATION through the platform
and considers it suitable for their needs and purposes, also delegating, if of non-Italian nationality, the HOST to request their tax code if necessary or appropriate
that said, the PARTIES agree as follows:

1. Check in.
The availability of the ACCOMMODATION is granted together with the delivery of the keys with effect from the day and time established ("CHECK IN")
2. Check out.
The GUEST must leave the ACCOMMODATION free from people and things, without the need for cancellation by the day and time established ("CHECK OUT")
3. Fee and terms of payment.
The rent ("RENT") is agreed in an amount paid at the time of booking
4. Characteristics of the ACCOMMODATION and expenses included in the RENT.
The ACCOMMODATION is delivered clean, equipped with bed linen and towels and furnished (as per inventory, if applicable) and benefits from electricity, gas and cold and hot water as well as the following additional utilities:
digital connection or other type of Wi-Fi
connection whose costs, notwithstanding the provisions of the Civil Code, are borne by the HOST. The condominium expenses, including those relating to any concierge, are borne by the HOST.
5. Linen supply and cleaning services
The AGREEMENT provides for the provision of services for the supply of linen and cleaning of the premises, as specified in Art. 4 DL n. 50/2017, converted with amendments into Law no. 96/2017. The cleaning of the premises will be carried out at the end of the lease.
Additional cleaning costs Euro 150.00.
The change of linen has a cost of Euro 25.00 per person..
6. Additional Payments.
In addition to the FEE, the GUEST will pay separately, at the time of CHECK IN, in line with what may be required by the applicable municipal legislation and with the provisions of Art. 4 DL n. 50/2017, converted with amendments into Law no. 96/2017, the amount of the tourist tax correctly calculated according to the subjects who will stay overnight in the ACCOMMODATION.
7. Security.
In order to comply with the generic obligations of mutual correctness and transparency as well as with the specific ones regarding the registration and communication to the Police Headquarters of the general information of the lodgers provided for by Art. 109 TULPS
• the PARTIES undertake to mutually exhibit the identification documents
• the GUEST will also make available to the HOST suitable identification documents relating to the guests invited by him to enjoy the overnight stay in the ACCOMMODATION before allowing them access to the ACCOMMODATION itself..
8. Regulations of Use.
The use of the ACCOMMODATION is governed by the applicable rules governing the rental matter with the exception, with regard to the derogable provisions, of the provisions referred to in this AGREEMENT as supplemented, where present, by the Regulations for the Use of the ACCOMMODATION
sent by email or delivered directly to the GUEST
and in any case posted inside the ACCOMMODATION, the provisions of which the GUEST declares to know, have well understood and accept.
9. Repair and maintenance obligations.
The HOST is entirely responsible • repairs, even small ones, not caused by the GUEST;
• ordinary and extraordinary maintenance relating to the ACCOMMODATION, the costs of which therefore remain entirely the responsibility of the HOST even in derogation from the Civil Code.
10. Custody Obligations. The GUEST
• is entirely responsible for the custody of the ACCOMMODATION and its contents from the moment of CHECK IN and is required to pay compensation for any damage caused by the GUEST or his guests
• cannot grant the ACCOMMODATION in sublease or on loan or otherwise used by third parties.
11. Deposit.
To guarantee all the obligations assumed with the AGREEMENT, including the obligations of custody and timely return of the ACCOMMODATION and without prejudice to the compensation for any greater damage, the GUEST pays or does not pay a security deposit by means of a non-interest-bearing deposit for an equal amount to Euro to be agreed at check-in which, if the conditions are met, will be returned at CHECK OUT and which cannot be calculated as a down payment of the RENT.
12. Withdrawal.
In consideration of the peculiarity and brevity of the use of the ACCOMMODATION
• the GUEST, if the need to use the ACCOMMODATION for the agreed period disappears, in whole or in part, will not be able to ask the HOST for a reduction, not even partial, of the agreed fee
• the HOST, should it no longer have the possibility to make the ACCOMMODATION available for all or part of the agreed period, it will have to provide the GUEST with a suitable alternative.
13. HOST delay or default..
The HOST, in consideration of the peculiarities and the brevity of this AGREEMENT, is required to intervene immediately if the ACCOMMODATION is delivered inadequately clean or otherwise different from the promised characteristics and to ensure a punctual CHECK IN, without prejudice to the compensation of any major damage..
14. GUEST delay or default.
The GUEST, aware of the damage it could cause to the HOST and to any other subsequent tenants arriving in the event of delayed release of the ACCOMMODATION at the time of CHECK OUT, undertakes to compensate any damage thus possibly caused to the HOST which may in order to make use of the specific deposit, request compensation for any further damage and remove any property and personal effects of the GUEST left inside the ACCOMMODATION after CHECK OUT, without prejudice in this case to the assumption of all the related custody obligations.
15. Disputes.
The AGREEMENT is governed by Italian law and in the event of a dispute, the court of Palermo is competent, after experimenting with the mediation attempt, where mandatory.